This is the first level of radio training that cadets can achieve and gives them the competence to use a radio for general administrative duties and small exercises around their own unit. It can be completed as part of 1st Class classification training, if suitable equipment is available, or as an additional short course at any time afterwards. This course also provides basic information on cyber awareness. Completion of this level results in the awarding of a blue certificate and badge.

To train cadets with basic knowledge of voice procedures (radio communications) and basic cyber security awareness.

All enrolled cadets.

By the end of the course, all pass-level questions and tasks from the Communications section of the First Class Logbook must be completed to an acceptable level.

Over several parade nights or one day.

This course is normally organised at squadron or sector level.

  1. Squadron Radio Communications Officer
  2. Sector Radio Communications POC (if applicable)
  3. Wing Radio Communications Officer