This level of qualification covers:

  • How to connect to a network.
    • Wifi (encryption types, passwords, one press setup)
    • Wired
    • Hotspot safety
    • Man in the middle
  • Protection
    • Browser security settings
    • Virus / malware checker
    • Adware checker / filter.
    • Keep software updated / patched
    • Strong pass phrases
  • Online safety
  • Online etiquette

To train cadets in connecting to an existing network and actively protecting yourself while online.

All enrolled cadets aged 14 and over.


Must have completed the Basic Radio Operator and Cyber Awareness Blue Badge course.

Approximately 5 hours of training time.

This course is normally organised at sector or wing level.

  1. Sector Radio Communications POC (if applicable)
  2. Wing Radio Communications Officer