The course content includes the following:

  • Inspection
  • Role of a junior NCO
  • Qualities of an NCO
  • Dress regulations
  • Discipline
  • Welfare
  • Flight drill (personal and instructional)
  • Leadership theory and practical exercises

This course also incorporates the Air Cadet Basic Leadership Bronze Badge.

To train and equip cadet corporals with skills and knowledge to be effective Junior NCOs.

This course is for cadets who have been promoted to the rank of corporal.


  • Completed the Air Cadet Foundation Leadership Blue Badge
  • All cadets nominated should be proficient in all areas covered in the First Class Cadet syllabus and have a reasonable personal proficiency in drill


  • Attended a Potential NCO course at sector level

This is a weekend course, normally beginning on Friday evening and dispersing on Sunday afternoon.

This course is organised at wing level.
  • Residential courses are held at DTE Swynnerton or DMS Whittington.
  • Non-residential courses are held at MOD Stafford 4 Site.

Wing Warrant Officer, via squadron staff.